7. holocaust

7. holocaust - The Holocaust Nietze-Response to why humans...

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The Holocaust Nietze-Response to why humans have to suffer- no reason, just the way life is- rejection of religious understanding-transition into the holocaust He said when tables got turned by priestly class- good and bad were switched- bad are now nobility- wasn’t anti-Semitic- thought Nazis were reactionary- subject to ressentamant- ones at fault Holocaust- about racism-also about sacrifice- example- gender distinction - female gets the most blame- sacrificial element – final punishment is mortality- why would god create people to make them suffer? Theme of sacrifice- God had a reflex action, another explanation- not clear who’s sacrificing whom Because they can be measured in whole numbers, the facts of this racism are well known- between 1940-1945 Nazis put to death 6 million Jews- also went after gypsies, brain- damaged- more than 1 million were under 14 years of age- it was civilization that did this Killings took place in prisons, ghettos, cattle trucks, death camps- systematic killing- had to work hard to do this- how they sacrificed themselves Why did people do this? Nazis not just trying to be efficient, practical- if this was the case they would’ve used Jews to fight with them -Nazis more intent on exterminating them then they were in achieving overall military victory- more like a sacred war against people they thought needed to die Final solution to kill all people was reaching a climax towards the end of the world- official said this is a page of glory in our history When it came to racism the Nazis won to an extent- got away with it Reason Nazis did all of this was because they were unbelievers- involvement with themselves as pure Aryans- blonde blue eyed- contrast to Semites- not sufficient to emphasize they wanted to achieve this identity- their need was to deny an identity they already had which was religious identity – German was a Christian nation- they were anti-judeo Christianity- didn’t want to be part of this anymore- why they chose to jews in particular Jews as a villain- took over a belief that was pervasive among the people- jews were thought to have murdered jesus - not about racial but religious reasons- jews were people who haven’t converted to Christianity- Christianity is a jewish religion- jews were not
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7. holocaust - The Holocaust Nietze-Response to why humans...

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