5. recitation questions and essay info

5. recitation questions and essay info - Punishment is to...

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Punishment is to be close to the ground once again- once they disobey they realize they have a choice- personal role in moral consciousness- self-awareness precedes moral consciousness . Act of disobedience shows the rise of moral consciousness – fall is actually an ascent because they now can recognize the self and make moral decisions - chose to disobey Body is blind spot of perception- it is there, not negating it- may be blocking but it is still existent- realizing there is something when you realized it is blocked Agnes and anasognesia - body is blind spot because have lack of bodily experience - have the arm but not acknowledging it- still experience it- body is capable of experiencing and working as a subject- body itself is negotiating people’s experiences- Agnes has worked with the body, different phases of her life differently Genesis 2 and 3- all 3 punished- bodily desire included with phallic temptation of Eve, bodily desire of eating the fruit- procreation is reward and punishment at the same time- other bodily connection is that Eve is made of Adam’s flesh- material side of Adam leading to her downfall - godlike status created through procreation while simultaneously becoming moral (restrictions) Relationship between adam and eve- how define each other, relationship between adam, eve, and god, serpents role of story- how body works as a blind spot
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5. recitation questions and essay info - Punishment is to...

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