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2. Anosognosia and the Left

2. Anosognosia and the Left - Anosognosia and the...

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Anosognosia and the Left/Right Axis of Direction: Idea of right is connected to conservatism Morality in terms of right and left- Neur-west African people studied by EE Prichard Neur spear symbolism- “when I think of the sacrifices I have witnessed in Neur land, there are two objects-the spear brandished in the right hand of the officiate as he walks past the victim”-the right hand is so emphatic “delivering oration, raising spear, etc.”- struck by this concern and pride for the spear- “one is surprised by the new feeling of the Neur of the spear, almost as though it was animate” “I came to realize that it is animate for it is an extension of the right hand, stands for the strength, vitality, and virtue of the person- projection of the self -when a man hurls the spear he cries out my right hand or there name of the ox (castrated bull) he is identified with- ox is most critical critter of the Neur-they are cattle people- it is there whole livelihood Spear-the extension of the right hand-such as the ex. of the blind man and the cane Right hand -strength, virility, vitality, masculinity, stands for the lineage Neur are paternal lineage- composed of the people of the father’s line- when carcasses are distributed the father’s brothers and sister get the right legs Left-bad, femininity, evil Women warns son that when visiting bride she might crouch on the right side of the hut, son must order her to the left side so he does not have to enter from the left Emphasize the contrast between the two hands-metal rings are pressed into the flesh of the left arm-making the arm useless, subjective- being tortured Spear are passed from father to son- father is the lineage- spear become points in which the individual person is tied to the lineage The fighting spear - projection of the self- during sacrifice it has a deep meaning- representing the whole person and their lineage -the ideal of who you are-“it is not only
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