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1. Upright Posture Neur

1. Upright Posture Neur - Upright Posture and Left and...

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Upright Posture, and Left and Right among the Neur: The body informs the mind, the body perceives Upright posture registers, you can read it, human beings have a certain distance from the ground-it is given by upright posture The mental is not simply mental, body not just body-abstractions where there is ambiguity Lucy- suffered from arthritis of the spine, died at 20-comes from an area of Ethiopia- paleontologists decide she is a missing link in human evolution-one of the closest cousins to Eve yet found-the bones were both ape-like and man-like, brains small, canine teeth large and other teeth primitive, protruding face more ape but walks on two legs like humans-she was 3 ½ feet tall-an upright posture was necessary for brain extension (growth) Upright posture-Standing against your ground -so little of your body is touching the ground-ties to the ground are loosened- front feet become hands-no longer stuck to the
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