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Aug. 31, 2011 1. Yăngshāo 仰仰 2. Lóngshān 仰仰 3. Bànpō 仰仰 4. Páng ǔ 仰仰 5. Yŏucháo Shì 仰仰仰 (“Have-Nest” Clan-chief) 6. Suìrén Shì 仰仰仰 (“Speculum-man” Clan-chief) 7. N guā (or N wā) ǚ ǚ 仰仰 (“Lady Snail”) 8. Fúxī 仰仰 (“Ox-tamer”) mythical reign dates: 2857 2737 BCE 9. , qín (types of zithers) 10. bā guà 仰仰 (the “eight trigrams”) 11. Shén Nóng 仰仰 (“Spirit Farmer”) mythical reign dates: 2737 2697 12. Huáng Dì 仰仰 (“The Yellow Lord”) mythical reign dates: 2697 2597 13. Yán Dì 仰仰 (“The Flame Lord”) 14. Chī Yóu
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