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9.19 - 9.21 Name Aid

9.19 - 9.21 Name Aid - Chinese 252 Names Terms Sept 19-21...

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Chinese 252 Names & Terms Sept. 19-21, 2011 4. Qín Mùgōng 秦秦秦 (Lord Mù of Qín; a.k.a. Prince Rèn H o ǎ 秦秦秦秦) 4 th hegemon Long reign, but didn’t obtain hegemon status until last 7-8 years Sage seeking story of B ǎ i-l ǐ Xī 秦秦秦 Five Sheep Skin officer "Career of Bai li Xi" o Upset because he was a marriage escort, later runs away and sells himself to king of Chu as a cattle raiser o Qin Mu Gong looks at roster of people and decides he wants to get Bai li Xi from Chu bc he is a person of ability Tells Chu that Bai li Xi is an escaped convict so Chu won’t know Bai li Xi is valuable Gives king of Chu five sheep skins as ransom o Successful attacks on other bc of Bai li Xi o Separation and reunion story of husband and wife Lady Dù 秦秦 Left wife and infant son behind when he became PM Became a washerwoman One day she sang a poem to be reunited – borrows someone’s zither, refers to things known only to her and her husband o Asked Lord Mu to make Ji ǎ n Shú 秦秦 an officer bc Jian Shu always advised Bai li Xi on what to do o Story I: Later, Confucius (Kong zi) thinks that he is worthy to be a
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hegemon and a king, praises his prowess as a lord and perception to see
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