9.23 - 9.26 Name Aid

9.23 - 9.26 Name Aid - Chinese 252 Names & Terms Sept....

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Sept. 23–26, 2010 1. K ngz ǒ ǐ 孔孔 = K ng Qiū ǒ 孔孔 When Kongzi was born he had a big obvious concavity on his head, so his mother desiring to compensate for this gave him a name that means thought. In speeches that are attributed to Kongzi he does refer to himself as Qiu. = K ng Fūz ǒ ǐ 孔孔孔 This name has to do with the transformation of Kongzi from a Chinese to a Western name. You had the first westerners to spend long periods of time in the 7th Century. They were living at the Ming dynasty court. One of the marvelous new things was this immensely important teacher, called 'Kongzi'. They were anxious to write stories of this to their 16th Century, educated people did not write letters in their native tongue, but in Latin. But how were they going to put Kongzi into Latin? They had to have some rule that could confine to the rules of Latin Literature. They combined the title of KongZi or "Master" to get Confucius. In this course, we do not call him Confucius because this person is Chinese and should therefore have a Chinese not Latin name. Kongzi is important because the course offers a rare opportunity to look at Kongzi in a social concept. Also, certain biographical conditions concerning Kongzi are important in the development of Chinese storytelling themes. Lúny ǔ 孔孔 ( The Analects ) The Lunyu is 20 books; each book is 50 chapters. It has many saying and anecdotes relating to Kongzi. It is also contributed to his disciples. It is not a book in the sense that someone sat down and wrote it at one time. It grew gradually in layers over a period of 200 years. The first layers came right after the death of Kongzi. The Analects was NOT written by Kongzi! They were memories and then later on attributions of things to Kongzi. The later sections are very much concerned with topics that were important in the Warring States Period. There are one or two sections that are old enough where the saying might actually be uttered by Kongzi. Kongzi and his disciples are often found talking about the mental and moral capacities of famous people of the realm time, and the recent past. We notice that one topic they returned to several times was a politician. To be a student you would live in the household of your teacher and would help
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9.23 - 9.26 Name Aid - Chinese 252 Names & Terms Sept....

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