9.26 - 9.28 Name Aid

9.26 - 9.28 Name Aid - Chinese 252 Names Terms Sept 2628...

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Sept. 26–28, 2011 Epic – long poem centered on heroic/divine figure when his actions defend human race/tribe Eg: Beowulf If apply this strictly, China does not have one, but if loosely, Saga of Xia Ji, Saga of two states of Wu and Yue Chinese hated mountain tops Personal adornment = tattoos, funeral behavior = following of death, tombs were weird looking (Siberian Neolithic tomb structure); clothing = barefoot; military practice = deep throated copper war drums; risk taking 1 . Ch Píngwáng ǔ 楚楚楚 (King Píng of Ch ; r. 528 – 516 BCE) ǔ Had son crown prince 楚楚 W Shē ǔ 楚楚 - good tutor o has two sons W Shàng ǔ 楚楚 and W Z ǔ ǐ 楚楚楚 Fèi Wújí 楚楚楚 evil conniving tutor o Story begins with a woman! King Ping’s son fianced with girl from Yin Evil tutor sent to escort girl from Yin, notices her beauty and tells King Ping to take bride for himself Evil tutor slandered crown prince who got sent to somewhere else King Ping put Wu She in prison because he scolded King Ping Fei Wuji told King Ping that good tutor had two sons who would try to revenge their father, had to kill the two sons o Wrote a letter to two sons to go to rescue father o 1. Avenging father’s death vs 2. Return to die with them o Which of the two of us is more capable of doing the more difficult thing (avenging) Wu Zi Xu is more capable and ran away o Wu Shang died with father by returning to capital o Wu zi xu joined exiled prince who eventually got executed o Fled with crown prince’s son to state of Wu, but eventually lost contact w/him
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o Went to Zhao pass, unable to pass through w/out being detected Knocked out front teeth, hair turned white got through pass undetected o Saw fisherman in boat and needed to cross the river Fisherman gave Wu zi xu food Wu zi xu wanted to give fisherman sword, but didn’t take it because Wu zi xu was worth more than the sword
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9.26 - 9.28 Name Aid - Chinese 252 Names Terms Sept 2628...

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