Notes - 9.7 Class Notes Dynastic Cycle born in health and...

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9.7 – Class Notes Dynastic Cycle – born in health and vigor declines hero recognizes problems and does something about it partial return to health and vigor after he dies, everything goes to hell evil last ruler causes mandate to be lost and dynasty dies Poverty Diligence high positiong pride wantonness poverty Dynasty = 10-12 generations Family = 3 generations “Wealth cannot outlast three generations” 德 – necessary for a ruler to rule; being ‘straight, erect, powerful’; zhōng xīng 德德 – period of restoration Xia Dynasty Capital changed 4-5 times Everyone in ruling family gets killed except for pregnant woman gives birth to legitimate heir of Xia (Shang Kang Restoration Story) Shang Dynasty (Yin Dyansty) 1675 BC by King Tang (overthrew King Jie) Hunting expeditions, little emphasis on agriculture o Focus on warfare Drank from bronze vessels Believed in human sacrifice, does not end until 221 BCE Capital changed locations 5-6 times o Last capital became very influential Made bronze vessels Gong he – became modern Chinese word for “republic” Zhou Dynasty Chieftains overthrew Shang Dynasty o PR problem – have to find a way to explain why they overthrew Shang o Mandate theory – “We didn’t overthrow Shang, Heaven abandoned the Shang, and therefore we were obeying the commands of Heaven. We were victorious because Heaven decreed it” Pride themselves on agriculture Capital remains at Hao (Xi’an) throughout most of the dynasty o 德德 (“accumulate virtue”) -To get Mandate of Heaven, members have to engage in acts of self-sacrifice G -gōng D n-fù ǔ ǎ 德德德德 (Tàiwáng 德德 ) – first ruler
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o Barbarians attacked him but he didn’t want to fight so he left everyone followed him and didn’t fight o Founded old capital of Hao (Xi’an) Tài Bó 德德 , Yú Zhòng 德德 , Jì Lì 德德 (brothers; sons of Gu-gong Dan-fu) Jī Chāng 德德 , a.k.a. Xī-bó 德德 , and Zhōu Wén-wáng 德德德 o Jiāng Tàigōng 德德德 Advisor to Zhou Wen Wang o Zhōu Wŭwáng 德德德 Son of Zhou Wen Wang Zhōugōng 德德 – advisor Established state of Lu (home state of Confucious) o Zhōu Chéng-wáng 德德德 o Zhōu Zhāo-wáng
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Notes - 9.7 Class Notes Dynastic Cycle born in health and...

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