Prehistoric Mythology I - Creation Myths

Prehistoric Mythology I - Creation Myths - Mythology...

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Mythology Relating to the Prehistoric Period a late creation legend: In the beginning, the great Monad separated into two entities, one yīn and one yáng . These two entities again separated into greater and lesser parts, and from the interaction of these four, a being known an Pán G ǔ 盤盤 was produced. It was Pán G who created and shaped the universe. He is protrayed, ǔ sometimes, holding a chisel, fashioning great masses of rock as he floats in space. His labors continued for 18,000 years, and he increased in stature ten feet every day of those 18,000 years; and on each of those days the sky rose ten feet higher, and the earth grew ten feet thicker. When his task was completed he died, and in dying animated the whole universe. His head was transformed into mountains, his breath into winds and clouds, and his voice is heard to this day in the rumblings of thunder. His left eye shines in the sun, while the moon owes its light to the right. His beard evolved into stars and his four limbs became the four quarters of the world. His extremities evolved into the Five Sacred Mountains, and his blood irrigated for the rivers. His veins and muscles became the rocky strata of the earth and his flesh turned to soil.
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Prehistoric Mythology 2 His skin sprouted as vegetation and forests, his teeth and bones formed minerals, and his marrow, pearls and gems. His sweat descended as rain to produce the crops… …and humankind sprang from the parisites that had accumulated on his body for 18 millenia of unremitting labor. He was accompanied in his labors by the four super-intelligent creatures: the dragon, the tiger, the phoenix, and the tortoise. These were the progenitors of the animal kingdom. 1 ************************ The disintegration of Pán G was followed by an era of giants that ǔ lasted another 18,000 years. The giants were succeeded by two mythical rulers Y u-cháo Shì and ǒ Suì-rén Shì, who introduced shelter and fire respectively. Y u-cháo Shì is known for a housing program that consisted of ǒ building nests in trees as protection against wild beasts (and in fact his name “Y u-cháo” means “have nest”; “Shì” means “clan-chief”) This is perhaps a ǒ shrewd guess at the arboreal (tree-related) origins of humankind. The second figure, Suì-rén Shì, used a speculum—a flat shiny mirror-
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Prehistoric Mythology I - Creation Myths - Mythology...

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