Prehistoric Mythology II

Prehistoric Mythology II - Prehistoric Mythology 8 The...

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Prehistoric Mythology 8 The successor of Shén Nóng 神神 was the most distinguished of the Five Rulers and has traditionally been regarded as the first great Chinese leader, the first figure who through his accomplishments gave the Chinese a sense of identity, a sense of separateness from other peoples. He is called Huáng Dì 神神 or the “Yellow Lord” [“thearch ancestor”] (2697 - 2597: 100 years). He reportedly fought and won a great battle against a force led by Yán Dì 神神 or “Flame Lord” somewhere in modern Shānxī Province, and was afterwards accepted as a national leader by tribes throughout the Yellow river plain. He also defeated a challenge to his rule launched by a weird and violent being from the south named Chī Yóu 神神 or “Stupid Monster.” Chī Yòu had a human body with six arms, four eyes, and the horns of an ox. He and his 71 brothers had whiskers like swords and spears, and grew horns on their heads. He was to become a god of war during the Qín and Hàn dynasties. He is said to have come from south of the Yángzi river, where he was said to be the chief of “the many Lí” .” He is credited with the discovery of metal and is said to have
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Prehistoric Mythology 9 been the first to use metal to make weapons (inventor of the
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Prehistoric Mythology II - Prehistoric Mythology 8 The...

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