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Review Quesitions Series 3

Review Quesitions Series 3 - Fall 2011 Chinese 252 Review...

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Fall, 2011 Chinese 252 Review Questions, Series Three 1. What text enumerates a series of steps on the path to sagehood, using such terms as "investigating things," "co mpleting one's knowledge," "making one's thoughts sincere," "rectifying the heart," "cultivating one's person," "regulating the family," and "rightly governing the state?" Great Learning (Da Yue) 2. What Southern Sòng figure is known as the consolidator of neo-Confucianism or "study of the way" ( dào xué )? Zhu Xi (1130-1200) 3. According to Chinese Buddhist legend, who willingly surrendered her eyes and hands to save her father from an illness? Guan Yin/ Miao Shan 4. What novel has as its protagonist a young man who was born with an inscribed piece of jade in his mouth? Dreams of the Red Chamber – Bao Yu was born with jade in his mouth 5. What novel derives ultimately from accounts of an overland journey from Cháng’ān to India (and then back to Cháng’ān) undertaken by Xuán Zāng, a Chinese Buddhist monk, in the early years of the Táng dynasty? Journey to the West/Xi You Ji written by Wu Cheng’en 6. What are some differences between "genius and beauty" novels on the one hand, and novels written by literati (learned people), such as Outlaws of the Marsh , The Golden Lotus , or The Scholars ? Genius and Beauty novels Novels written by Literati Plots from Ming romantic comedies/chuanqi plays Similar to European love romances First to be translated into English Strictly harlocky romances Very commercial The Fortunate Union (protagonist is martial arts skilled instead of typical
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