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Review Questions 2b - Fall, 2011 Chinese 252 Review...

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Unformatted text preview: Fall, 2011 Chinese 252 Review Questions, Series 2, Part B 1. With what emperor is Yng Gufi associated? Emperor Xunzng of Tng 2. What is the literal meaning of the term chunq ? To transmit the strange or the marvelous (chuan qi is the first type of fictional writing that appeared in the Tang Dynasty) 3. What dynasty immediately preceded the Tng dynasty? Sui Dynasty (only had two emperors, father and son) 4. What modern Chinese city was the site of the capitals of the Six Dynasties of the Period of North- south Division? Nanjing, used to be called Jianye or Jian kiang 5. What are a couple of formal features that distinguish a l sh poem from a g sh poem? Lu shi: very structured rigid form 8 lines with 4 parallel couplets, regulated verse Gu shi: no structure at all, can have dozens of lines, no pattern 6. Name a couple of Tng dynasty tales that include episodes involving the imperial examination system. Cui Ying Ying Man decides to take exam instead of being with Cui Ying Ying The Story of Miss Li young man falls in love with Miss Li who ruins him 7. In Song of the Wandering Son, with what does the poet compare a sons love for his mother? Written by Meng Jiao. Compares sons love for his mother to an inch of grass (heart) which she sews in so he wont forget about her 8. How did Ling Shnb and Zh Yngti initially get to know each other? Zhu Yingtai disguised herself as a boy to study Confucian classics and met Liang Shanbo. Butterfly lover story 9. Who led a rebellion that almost put an end to the Tng dynasty in the mid-8th century A.D.? An Lushan rebelled against emperor xuanzhong of Tang 10. What is the only living object depicted in the poem Cold River Snow? A straw hatted old man fishing 11. Why did B Y and Sh Q feel that they could not in good conscience eat grain provided them by Zhu? Because Zhou had attacked the Xiang when they were supposed to aid them so Bo Yi and Shu Qi felt that this was against what the Zhou was supposed to be and so declined to eat the grain provided by Zhou. Zhou wu wong also attacked when he was supposed to mourn his father zhou wen wong for a proper three years 12. How did Hu Yng enable Xnlng Jn to rescue Zho from an attack by Qn? As Xinling Jun was about to go out and lead a suicide attack, Hou Ying said, "okay. I hope you enjoy death!..." Hou Ying got the Qin emperors concubine Lady Ru to steal Jin Bis command tally so that Xinling Jun could take over the Wey army and rescue Zhao 13. What part of his body did Zhng Y ask his wife to inspect after suffering a beating in Ch?...
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Review Questions 2b - Fall, 2011 Chinese 252 Review...

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