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Sayings I - Chinese 252 Sayings (I) Fng xio xio x Y shu hn,...

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Unformatted text preview: Chinese 252 Sayings (I) Fng xio xio x Y shu hn, zhung sh y q x b f hun. The wind sighs mournfully, the river Y is cold; a sturdy warrior, once gone forth, does not again return. Xn yn b mi, mi yn b xn. Trustworthy speech is not beautiful; beautiful speech is not trustworthy. Sh bjn yn, yn bjn y. Writing cannot fully represent speech; speech cannot fully represent thought. Gung j br dn m. A capacious memory is no substitute for ink, even if faded. B sh xn b chng sh, b x xn b zh sh. One whose heart is not full cannot bring things to completion; one whose heart is not empty cannot look at things with comprehension. (Mngzi 6:2:15) Shng y yu hun, s y n l. Life arises from gloom and dread; death arises from ease and pleasure. Jnz l rng wn gu. A superior person listens with an expression of delight to a recitation of his faults. Gu zh d sh zi s y rng. The great affairs of the state lie in sacrifice and warfare. Shng w zh, fm y; zh w zh, Bo Sh y. The ones who bore me were my father and mother, but the one who knows me is Bo Sh! Chinese 252 Sayings (I) 2 Tinxi w nn sh, zh p yu xn rn; tinxi w y sh, zh p c xn rn. In the entire realm there is no matter that is difficult, only people who are overly perfectionisitc; in the entire realm there is no matter that is easy, only people who are overly careless. Yu jn zh yun, yu j zh rn, c rn zh zh su h r xng y. From what lies near at hand to know what is far away, from what lies within the self to know what is in the hearts of others--this is the operative similarity between prescience and humanity. Mi n p sh. A beautiful woman can break a man's tongue (i.e. spoil his efforts to advocate wise policies). Mi rn wi dun shng zh f. A beautiful woman is a life-destroying ax. Yngxing nn gu mi rn gun. Even a hero comes to grief when confronted with a beauty. Shn tin zh cn, n tin zh wng. Those who act in accord with Heaven survive; those who go counter to Heaven perish. B hun rn zh b j zh, hun b zh rn y. (I) am not distressed at the failure of others to know me; I am distressed at my own failure to know others. Y w b zh, jnz zh ch. (Even) a single thing not known is a source of shame to a superior person. Fi nio jn ling gng cng, jio t s zu gu png, d gu p mu chn wng. When the flying birds are gone the trusty bow is put away; when the wily rabbit is dead the swift hunting dog is boiled, when the enemy state is broken the strategy-spinning minister perishes. ...
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