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Social Psychology Powerpoint - Social Psychology...

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Social Psychology Investigation of how people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people Gilbert and Wegner 2003 – science of subjective experience Nisbett and Ross 1991 – Social psychology rivals philosophy in its ability to teach people that they do not truly understand the nature of the world Two core principles o Situationism – social context is very powerful social situation portrays behavior better than traits or individual differences social context most powerful, more than personality o subjective construal – how people interpret events is more powerful than the actual event itself interpretations drive behavior Four Studies o Self-deception/ cognitive dissonance – conflict between two elements in the mind perception of self vs what you’ve done rationalization vs self perception Eg: Judgment Day – what happens to people who believed in this? o
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Social Psychology Powerpoint - Social Psychology...

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