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EDUC 441 Study Guide - EDUC 441 Study Guide What is...

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EDUC 441 Study Guide What is Education? Education – the sum total of all experiences that an individual has from conception to death o Definition is amoral for all experiences (affective, psychomotor, social) Schooling – sum of experiences one has in a school setting John Dewey = America’s greatest educational philosopher Quality of education depends on wealth Prenatal and Neonatal Care Education starts in utero Birth is the beginning of learning o Cycle of poverty – poor kids get poor education Cost a lot in SR but in LR is worth it o High school dropouts cost US billions of dollars Perry Preschool Project o Preschoolers vs no preschooloers o All were poor children Abecedarian Study – at age 21, those with preschool were smarter PPE o Most common measure to compare school quality (assessed value of all property in district) x (tax rate for schools in district) = amount of money available for one year, then /number of pupils Tax base x tax rate Number of pupils Assessed value of property always a lot lower than actual value Tax rate for schools is a lost smaller than total tax rate Only pupils attending public schools count o Decreasing # pupils is bad o Increase tax rate = bad o Reallocate-the-pie = allocate more of tax money towards schools Not good bc quality of other stuff goes down o ***increase value of tax base is most common to inc PPE Have to consider LR consequences o Serrano Case/ Serrano vs Priest (1971) First unequal PPE case o Rodriguez Case (1973) Supreme Ct said there is no remedy in fed system for condition of unequal PPE Schools have to go to state legislators, can’t go to federal courts Federal Aid to Education Education doesn’t appear in the U.S. Constitution – support for opponents of fed control of edu Land Ordinance of 1785 – lot number 16 has to be reserved for public schools
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o Reinforced by Northwest Ordinance – very important
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EDUC 441 Study Guide - EDUC 441 Study Guide What is...

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