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Zak Smith 12/1/11 ASIAN REALM Quote and Source: “On March 11, Tepco became the dog that fell into the river. Only then can you fight against such a formidable foe”— Naoki Inose, Tokyo’s vice governor. “Utility Reform Eluding Japan After Nuclear Plant Disaster,” NY Times online, November 17, 2011. Synopsis: In March of 2011, a tsunami hit Japan causing a devastating destruction. Part of this destruction was the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco). This nuclear power plant supplied Tokyo with the majority of its power and gained much profit from the vast amount of people using their supplied power. These large profits were then used to persuade the local politicians in Tokyo. For years Tepco has had a say in Tokyo’s government and as a private company, this was unacceptable. When the power plant was destroyed in March, Tokyo’s government took this as an opportunity to gain back control of the power game. They have started to build a natural gas facility in hope to rival
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