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GEOG 120 Maxim 8

GEOG 120 Maxim 8 - committee sends it to the floor Maxim...

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Zak Smith 10/27/11 SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA REALM Quote and Source: “Penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’ should be the same as for ‘defilement,’ a crime that is punishable by death”—The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee. “Uganda: Anti-Gay Bill is Revived,” NY Times online, October 25, 2011. Synopsis: Two years ago, Uganda’s Parliament created a bill that would outlaw homosexuality. Nothing further was done then, but now it has been brought back to Parliament’s attention and could literally cause deathly consequences for the gay community. The lawmakers will vote to make a law that will punish a gay or lesbian with the death penalty. If a person is discovered of being a homosexual, then they will certainly go to prison and depending on the outcome of the bill, may be put to death because of it. The justification of this proposed bill in Uganda, is that some consider being gay as bad of a crime as raping someone. This idea has previously been discussed by The Legal and Parliament Affairs Committee who will be vote on it if the
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Unformatted text preview: committee sends it to the floor. Maxim: The maxim that is appropriate for this case is Different Things Change at Different Rates . Elsewhere in Africa and around the world, it is not a crime to be a homosexual. It’s not socially acceptable in some countries, but it certainly isn’t punishable by the death penalty. Uganda’s morally acceptable orientations are clearly slower to change than other countries’ and therefore reflect the maxim that different things change at different rates. In time, Uganda will grow and become more accepting like other countries. Place Character: The actions of The Legal and Parliament Affairs Committee reflect a poor character on Uganda’s government. The fact that they are willing to put someone to death solely for being gay is absurd. If Uganda’s government cannot find a way to accept the gay community then its character will forever be known as unaccepting and judgmental....
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