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GEOG 120 Maxim 10

GEOG 120 Maxim 10 - Zak Smith SOUTH AMERICAN REALM Quote...

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Zak Smith 10/13/11 SOUTH AMERICAN REALM Quote and Source: “We must banish any act of corruption that stains the name of the police,” General Salazar of the Peruvian police force. “Peru Leader Ousts 30 Police Generals in Anti- Corruption Drive,” NY Times online, October 11, 2011. Synopsis: The Peruvian police force has for a long time been known to be corrupt. The police have been known to be involved in the drug trade, not by seizing and turning in the illegal drugs, but by taking a role in the trafficking of them to earn extra money. Peru’s new president, Ollanta Humala, deemed these actions unacceptable and began to purge the police force. After taking office in July, he has already dismissed thirty police officers from their duties. Those thirty officers were a part of the forty-five total—that meant that two-thirds of the Peruvian police officers were corrupt. Among the thirty that were released was the director Gen. Raul Becerra. President Humala has already hired a new director and an additional 5,600 members to
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