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Zak Smith 10/13/11 SOUTH AMERICAN REALM Quote and Source: “They made us feel like heroes,” said Edison Peña, a miner that was trapped in a Chilean mine for sixty-nine days. “In the end, we are selling peanuts. It’s ironic, isn’t it?” “A Year Out of the Dark in Chile, but Still Trapped,” NY Times online, October 12, 2011. Synopsis: Last year, thirty-three miners were trapped in a mine in Chile that was over 2,000 feet underground. It took the rescuers sixty-nine days to retrieve the trapped men. The miner rescue mission made international news which resulted in frenzy when the men were pulled up—many received monetary donations, while others were offered trips around the world. People cared and pitied these men, but a year later, little is being done to improve their lives. The miners that a year ago held the spotlight are now poor and have to attend therapy to deal with their nightmares and traumatic stress. The majority of miners were traumatized by the event and were no longer
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