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GEOG 120 Maxim 12

GEOG 120 Maxim 12 - Zak Smith SOUTHWEST ASIA REALM Quote...

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Zak Smith 10/27/11 SOUTHWEST ASIA REALM Quote and Source: “They are calling for civil state, but they are doing just the opposite,” Sheik Aziz, an ally of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, said of the opposition. Yemen’s Embattled Government Calls Cease-Fire That So Far Fails to End Violence,” NY Times online, October 25, 2011. Synopsis: Yemen is in the middle of a political revolution. Protests that at first were peaceful, have turned into gunfights. For months now, mini battles have occurred in a hope to overthrow the current government and turn it into a democratic state. The protestors that have remained calm are now in danger of being caught in the middle of a warzone. Two protestors will killed in Sana, a city in northern Yemen, on Tuesday and more will continue to die if the government and those rebelling cannot come to an agreement. More warfare spread to central Yemen in the city of Taiz. There, seven citizens were killed by mortar attacks which worsened this civil war. These bombing happened on the same day that the government issued a cease-fire which proved
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