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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter 14 Assignment Chapter 14: Retailing Enter your name, Section and Date: Assignment: Go to the web site for L.L. Bean and company, www.llbean.com and answer the following questions 1. Which marketing channels does L.L. Bean operate such as web, store and/or catalogue and how effective are they with each? 2. Evaluate their website in terms of its helpers and hinderers as described in the “Internet Helpers and Hinderers” exhibit in your test book. Number your answers and enter below 1. L.L. Bean operates through web based, retail stores, and catalogue marketing channels. The fact that L.L. Bean has a store or outlet in ten different states mainly on the east coast and they have catalogues tailored for each of their target markets and an easy to
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Unformatted text preview: use website makes them effective with all of their marketing channels. 2. This website is easy to access, it has multiple product categories, it has multiple customer service options, it has a shopping cart and membership feature, and the help number is listed multiple times in easy to find locations. Those were the helpers. Its hinders are its shipping cost, a two day delay to receive your product, no fitting rooms, and no one to communicate with and get immediate feedback from throughout the purchase. I certify that I completed this Chapter exercise without assistance from anyone and that these answers are solely my own work. BUS 360Rg Chapter 14 Assignment Instructor: Weems MIE 480 Student Profile Turn Over...
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BUS360RgChptr14Asgnmnt - use website makes them effective...

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