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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter 16 Assignment Chapter 16: Advertising and Sales Promotions Melvin Smith BUS 360-001 4/19/11 Assignment: Choose an ad that you believe unreasonably overstates what the product or service can do. Answer the following questions 1. What is the product and who is the ad attempting to sell it to? 2. Is the ad actually deceptive or just puffery and what do you base your finding on? 3. How would you change the ad to achieve its goal without exaggerating in any way? Number your answers and enter below 1. I have picked a product called the Flex Belt. The ad is attempting to sell this product to people who want to have attractive and stronger abs. 2. I think this ad is deceptive. It uses words like tone and strengthen to describe the results of the product, which are not real measurements of the products performance. In the written portion of the ad it states that the product should be used as a supplement to diet
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