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BUS_370_Test_FA11 - BUS 370 Fall 2011 Test 1 Directions...

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BUS 370 – Fall 2011 – Test 1 Directions: Fill in your name and student ID. Shade the corresponding letters and numbers on the answer sheet. For the “Special Codes” section to the left of the identification number, put the number 946768 and shade the bubbles below. Answer each question with the one best choice by marking the letter of the answer on the attached answer sheet. Each of the 25 questions is worth 4 points for a total of 100 points. 1. “A network of manufacturers and service providers that work together to convert and move goods from the raw materials stage through to the end user” is the definition of the following: a) Operations Function b) Supply Chain c) Service Operations d) Operations Management 2. A transformation process which converts inputs, such as People and Information, into an intangible “product”, such as Legal, Medical Services or Fast Food, is a: a) Manufacturing Operation b) Service Operation c) Retail Operation d) Logistics Operation 3. A retailer cooperates with a manufacturer by coordinating promotional activities (items they plan to put on sale and advertise heavily) with the manufacturer to assist the manufacturer plan production and inventory. This is an example of the following important trend in operations and supply chain management: a) Electronic Commerce b) Increasing Competition and Globalization c) Relationship Management d) Mergers and Acquisitions 4. In the LeapFrog Case, the following entity was downstream of LeapFrog:
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5. “Performance dimensions which differentiate a company’s products and services” is the definition of:
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BUS_370_Test_FA11 - BUS 370 Fall 2011 Test 1 Directions...

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