322Practice03Fall11 - Instruc ctor H.H Kim 1 Econo ometrics...

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Instruc Name : _ 1) A sub and their this hypo for fema = 5 (a) There females (b) You earn mor = 3 i) Interpr ii) How m year-old iii) Does ctor : H.H. ___________ bsample from r gender. Y othesis, you f ales and is 0 o 570.70 – 170 e are 850 fem in this sampl decide to con re on average 323.70 – 169 ret these resu much, on ave male? s this represen Kim ___________ the Current ou have read first regress e otherwise. Th .72 × Female males in your le? What is th ntrol for age e than young .78 × Female ults carefully erage, does a nt stronger e Pract ________ Population S d in the news earnings on a he results we e , =0.084 r sample and he percentag (in years) in ger people. Th e + 5.15 × Ag . (in terms of a 40-year-old vidence of d 1 ice Quest Survey is tak s that women a constant an ere: , SER = 282. 894 males. W ge of average your regress his regressio ge , =0.13 f female and d female mak iscrimination tions III ken, on weekl n make 70 cen nd a binary va .12. What are the female incom sion results b n output is as 5, SER = 274 age separate ke per year in n against fem ly earnings o nts to the $1 ariable, whic mean earnin me to male i because older s follows: 4.45. ely.) n your sample males? Econo of individuals that men ear h takes on a ngs of males ncome? r people, up t e? What abou ometrics s, their age, rn. To test value of 1 and to a point, ut a 20-
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Fall 20 2) The co is investm not pleas telling yo investiga colleges followin = 7, (2,0 R 2 =0.72, where C World R 1 ("marg and Drel has a reli (a) What should y your reas (b) You package (c) Indic (d) Elim = 5 (1 R 2 =0.72 Why do (e) You g homoske = 7, R 2 =0.72, Calculate Is this te 11 ost of attendi ment in hum sed. One of th
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322Practice03Fall11 - Instruc ctor H.H Kim 1 Econo ometrics...

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