30 - The Context of Adolescence Families Peers Schools Work...

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Unformatted text preview: The Context of Adolescence- Families- Peers- Schools- Work- Leisure Structural and Social Organization of Schools- Secondary education in America o Middle schools, junior high, high schools (schooling after elementary) o Issues: what should schools teach? Diverse range of classes or basic? o Issues: how should schools be organized? 9-12 th graders? Move all kids to one school? o Issue: should we keep early adolescents separate? o Issue: is tracking appropriate? o Secondary education in US: over time, 90% of kids are attending secondary schooling (proceed through most of hs years) o Typical school term: 180 days Typical student attends 90% of the term o Typical school day: 6 periods (7-8 hours in school/day) 40% of time spent on core academic subjects o Years in school (graduation rate) 75% of fifth graders go on to graduate from high school- Secondary education: origins of compulsory education o Most important causes: Industrialization • People moving from agricultural lifestyle to cities needed to develop skills Urbanization Wanted to keep people off streets try to put them in Immigration • People needed to find work, but came from different backgrounds keep them up to date by teaching them all same things (homogenous) o Many families could make ends meet without the labor of their adolescents o Compulsory and secondary education was a means of social control...
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30 - The Context of Adolescence Families Peers Schools Work...

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