7 - 10/7/10 School Context Factors (Ethnic composition) -...

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10/7/10 School Context Factors (Ethnic composition) - Landmark US Supreme Court rulings legally ended segregation of schools (Brown verse Board of Education of Topeka 1954; 1955) o Black students were getting a poorer quality of education compared to white students o Brown verse Board made it illegal to segregate schools - Effects of desegregation on school achievement o Research findings mixed (positive and negative results): Little impact on achievement levels of either minority (African Americans) or white adolescents Neither group was really benefitting troubling Ethnic minority students’ self esteem is higher when they attended schools in which they are in the majority Being in majority was protective of their self esteem (better before integration) African Americans who attended desegregated schools were more likely to graduate and continue to college education o Data taken from public schools in 2004: secondary schools are still fairly segregated African Americans attend high schools w/ mostly other African Americans (same for white, Latinos, etc) - Peer Ethnic discrimination o Definition: negative treatment by peers because of one’s ethnicity Societal: teacher’s different expectations for different ethnic groups o Occurs amongst peers themselves (negative) o Forms:
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7 - 10/7/10 School Context Factors (Ethnic composition) -...

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