9 - Adolescent Psychosocial Problems General Principles...

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Adolescent Psychosocial Problems  17:00 General Principles About Adolescent Problems Problems in Adolescence A majority of adolescents DO NOT develop serious psychological or social problems What Types of Problems Exist Three broad categories of problems Substance abuse Maladaptive use of drugs Internalizing disorders Problems are turned inward Manifested in terms of emotional distress (depression/suicide/anxiety) Externalizing disorders Problems are turned outward Manifested in terms of behavioral problems Principle #1: How Frequent Occasional Experimentation vs. Continuous Pattern How frequent are adolescents involved in problematic behavior? Occasional Experimentation (drinking on the weekend) More common Doesn’t lead to problems Principle #2: When does it start? Origins and Onset during adolescence vs. Roots in Childhood Roots in childhood Problems displayed during adolescence are not problems of adolescence Principle #3: How Long Does it Last
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Transitory Problems vs. Long-Term Repercussions
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9 - Adolescent Psychosocial Problems General Principles...

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