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Chapter 24 politics, Environment, and sustainability What is the role of government in making the transition to more sustainable societies? Concept 24-1: through its policies, a government can help to protect environmental and public interests, and to encourage more environmentally sustainable economic development Government can serve environmental and other public interests o Free enterprise: lead to higher living standards for many people, but it can also create harmful impacts on other people and on the environment o Too much or too little government intervention are both not good to environment o Government is the best mechanism for dealing with economic and political issues Full-cost pricing Add extra taxes for the effects of harm environmental or health
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Unformatted text preview: Market failures Level the marketplace to be fair trade The tragedy of the commons Government is the only power to preserve common or open-access renewable resources o Policies : the set of laws and regulations it enacts and enforces and the programs it funds o Politics : is the process by individuals and groups try to influence or control the policies and actions of governments at local, state, national, and international levels o Environmental policy : environmental laws and regulations that designed, implemented, and enforced, and environmental programs that are funded by one or more government agencies o...
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