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A current issue between Native Americans and the federal government would be the fight for land, education, and medical services. In the 1800’s the Native Americans surrendered most of their land in exchange for the right to own their own land on reservations. They also were promised monetary benefits to ensure their tribes people were taken care of since the lands that were given to them were worth little in means to farm to feed them. The federal government however has lowered funding to the Native Americans over the course of this conflict, causing them to not be able to provide services such as law enforcement,
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Unformatted text preview: health care, and education. This has angered the Indian tribes, and created great hardships for them. The federal government needs to step up and do what is right since they promised these funds for the Indians surrendering their lands. The federal government has failed time in and time out to honor these treaties that the Indians have signed in good faith. The Indians deserve to be treated fairly and to have everything that was promised to them. Only then can the healing start from the wrong that the United States of America have done to the Native Indian population....
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