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Associate Level Material Appendix C Psychotherapy Matrix Directions: Review Module 36 of Psychology and Your Life . Select three approaches to summarize. Include examples of the types of psychological disorders appropriate for each therapy. Aversive Conditioning Systematic Desensitization Dialectical Behavior Therapy PSY/201
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Sum mary of Appr oach This simple example illustrates how a person can be classically conditioned to modify behavior. Behavior therapists use this principle when they employ aversive conditioning, a form of therapy that reduces the frequency of undesired behavior by pairing an aversive, unpleasant stimulus with undesired behavior. Another treatment to grow out of classical conditioning is systematic desensitization. In
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Unformatted text preview: systematic desensitization, gradual exposure to an anxiety-producing stimulus is paired with relaxation to extinguish the response of anxiety. In dialectical behavior therapy, the focus is on getting people to accept who they are, regardless of whether it matches their ideal. Even if their childhood has been dysfunctional or they have ruined relationships with others, that’s in the past. What matters is who they wish to become Disor ders appro priate for this thera py Substance abuse and sexual disorders are two disorders that are appropriate for this type of therapy. This treatment is best for people with anxiety disorders. This treatment is best for people with personality disorders. PSY/201...
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psy201_r2_appendix_c - systematic desensitization gradual...

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