The Contribution of Enterprise Systems

The Contribution of Enterprise Systems - One of the...

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Enterprise systems are used in the business world to make life easier for a completive organization. It connects sales and marketing with the production line to ensure every product the company has is marketed in a manner that is best fit for the business. It also lets the production line communicate with customer service to make sure customers are completely informed and acutely told about the product. Enterprise systems also allow the company to be directly linked to suppliers ensuring they have all the tools to be successful. The research and developing department also benefits from being able to know what product is doing well and what product needs researched further, and it also lets the research department to communicate new product lines with sales and marketing. All these things are possible regardless of where these departments are in the world.
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Unformatted text preview: One of the challenges posed to organizations that use enterprise software is customer relationships. In todays completive world it is important to forge lasting relationships with a customer, because without them a business has no chance to be successful. A company needs a good customer relationship management system to ensure that a customer continues to do business with them. Another challenge is global supply chains, and the cost associated with them. A company not only has to know the cost of transportation, but also know each countries regulations. With each government comes a different regulation, and cultural differences. One tool to help combat this issue is the Internet, creating a way for an organization to keep track of the cost to ship their products across different borders....
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