The three dimensions to business problems are organization

The three dimensions to business problems are organization...

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The three dimensions to business problems are organization, people, and information technology. All three of these are very important to the success of the company, and cannot be overlooked. Minus just one of these dimensions and the firm will not have a good business model. With all three of them the business greatly increases their chance of success. Organization is broken up into different levels and specialties. Managers, professionals, and technical would be part of the upper level employees and the lower level employees would be the operational personnel. People are the most important part of a business, and without them the business would fail. As important as people are to a business if they do not have the right training or technology they are useless. Technology is the third part of the business tree, and the one tool that will either break or make a company. Some technology that you may run across is computer software, data management technology, and networking and telecommunication technology.
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Unformatted text preview: An information system is part of a business model, and IT is a general definition of information related to computers. Information system is just a small part of the wider information technology. One of the functions of an information system is to create operational excellence. To achieve this companies use information systems to cut waste, and to give upper management the tools to create high levels of efficiency, creating a system of high profits. Another function of information system is to serve the customers and suppliers. When a business serves their customers at a high level they are more than likely to do more business with their firm. Improved decision making is another function of an information system. This gives managers up to the minute information on customer complaints, network performance, and other tools that give them the best chance at making clear cut judgments. Without information systems all these functions would be harder to achieve....
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