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Essay 22 - Array - Protein chip numerous microwells present...

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22) As a research scientist, you wish to determine if a cancer cell is producing different types or quantities of specific proteins than are produced by non-cancer cells of the same type from a patient in a clinical trial. You are given both types of cells from that patient. Describe the method that you would used to achieve this. Bioinformatics Proteomics Able to compare gene expression (or protein types in our case) before and after some condition: non-cancer vs. cancer cells Protein Microarrays/Protein Chips -obtain DNA sequence using cDNA library- choose reading frames of interest A protein chip is created to study protein of interest
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Unformatted text preview: Protein chip, numerous microwells present, filled with proteins of interest Protein chip exposed to other proteins (proteins that it would naturally interact with in the body), and proteins that interact with these proteins will stick Chip will show differences in specific protein types and quantities Amount of hybridization determines the intensity of the spot on the chip Yellow spots indicate no change in expression Red spots show an increase in the 2 nd expression (this would be our cancer cells) Green spots show a decrease in the 2 nd expression (again, this would be our cancer cells as opposed to our non-cancerous cells)...
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