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Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 1 Florida panther In the 1950s hunted...

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Lecture 8 1) Florida panther – In the 1950’s, hunted almost to extinction, suffered from inbreeding depression, and listen as an endangered species. a) Proximate Cause – Homozygous mating in low population – greater appearance of deleterious recessive alleles. b) Ultimate Cause – Habitat Loss, Hunting. The growth of the human population in Florida. c) Management Plan – Isolate relatives, and make sure they don’t breed with each other. Or mate Florida panthers with California panthers and bring new alleles into this population. 2) Natural selection is the only force with causes adaptation. 3) Absolute Fitness vs. Relative Fitness (Selection is relative to the other genotypes in the population) a) Set the most fit genotype equal to 1, divide others by it i) To be fit (contribute genes to the next generation) you must be able to survive AND reproduce. That’s why in the problem you have to take into account both average survivorship and average # of offspring ( multiply them). So if survivorship is 0,
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