Lecture 24 - Lecture 24 1) Requirements for Pathogenesis...

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Lecture 24 1) Requirements for Pathogenesis (*See Slide) a) Proliferation in host – some bacteria are only able to proliferate n certain bacteria types. b) Transmission – If the bacteria wants to survive pasts its host’s lifetime, it must be transmitted to another host. Symptoms like Sneezing, Coughing, and Diarrhea may actually allow for a batter spread of bacteria (an adaptation). c) Cause Damage – To be a pathogen it has to, secretes exotoxins or endotoxins. 2) Antibiotics are being spread everywhere and it imposes selection for antibiotic resistance. a) Antibiotic heflux pump – transmembrane proteins which pump antibiotics out of the cell b) - Bind to the region of the antibiotic compound and render it ineffective c) Enzymes which cause breakdown of antibiotics. i) All these things are metabolically costly, bacterial cells don’t have as much energy, and cannot be maintained in a population unless the population is antibiotic resistant. ii) Antibiotic genes are often found on plasmids, which replicate independently. They are like an accessory genome. They can be exchanged in bacteria cells through a process called conjugation. It allows the cytoplasm to move from one cell to the other through a sex pilus. This allows for the rapid spread of genes for antibiotic resistance. 3) Prokaryotes are the most important organisms on the planet.
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Lecture 24 - Lecture 24 1) Requirements for Pathogenesis...

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