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Lecture 25 1) At the poles, photosynthesis is dictated by the daylength – growing period is only two months. a) At the equator, daylength its regular, so organisms depend on things other than daylength, like temperature. 2) North vs. South facing slopes – different plants grow on the sides of slopes or trees due to sunlight exposure (moss only grows on the north side of trees). 3) Autecology or Physiological ecology – “aut” = self, so it is about the growth rate of organisms, how they interact with each other, how the environment affects this. 4) Organisms can self-modify their habitats. 5) Abiotic factors also include periodic disturbances (hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, etc.) 6) Body temp vs. performance – one hump = there is a temp at which lizards reach maximum performance. All studies factors also converge at that point (but lizards can do other things better at other temperatures, though at this point they are all done well). a)
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