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Project Title: Designing, Developing and implementing a new highly secure network using Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) as our new routing protocol for Dot INC. Project Start Date: October 3 rd Project Finish Date: November 20 th Project Scope: Scope Statement: Design and implement a new and secure network for Dot Inc. Implementing EIGRP will involve the purchase of new Cisco routers, since EIGRP is Cisco proprietary. This project is to be completed by the first week of December due to the holiday vacation of the project team. This project will require training for the Dot Inc. employees since the new security system will requires lots of authentication from the users. The web developer of the team is required to create a new website with the company logo for users to authenticate before accessing the corporate network. The CEO requires the Project Manager to give updates every Monday in the conference hall in front of the management team. Deliverables: As a result of this project, vastly protected network will be created with EIGRP configured in all devices in the network which will be physically located in a secured lab room. All employees will be accessing secured and authenticated devices which will be high-speed and very reliable. Business needs:
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Group25.networkDeployement.ProjectCharter - Project Title...

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