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Introduction to project management-Assignment# 2 BUSI2550 1 Nidal Qwasmi Due Date: October 25 th , 2011 Assignment Objectives: This assignment is designed to demonstrate your understanding of project scheduling, time and cost estimation. Assignment#2: Update your group’s WBS created in Assignment #1 as the following: Decompose the WBS to level 3 for all phases of your project with minimum 3 activities for each 2 nd level task. Include Milestones Sequence Activities and Milestones Estimate Durations and cost of each activity. Provide justification for your numbers in the analysis report. Include activities associated with Management Processes (scope, time and cost) Provide a plane to process any change request in your project. The plan should explain at least the following two points: o How to estimate the impact of the change on cost and time
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Unformatted text preview: o How to get the approvals. In your analysis report, provide analysis for the overall schedule and critical path. Deliverables: Name File Type Limitation Marks Work Breakdown Structure Microsoft Project 2010 3 levels 60 Analysis report (Overall schedule, critical path analysis and numbers justification) Microsoft world 2 page 20 Change request process plan Microsoft world 2 pages 10 Documentation Submission: 10 marks Use the following naming convention for file name and header (if applicable) of each page in your files. File naming convention : Group “Group number”." Project Name".”deliverable name”. Example : Group01.GrateGame.projectCharter. Submit one version of the assignment per group in the Assignment Drop box in WebCT. Submitting the Group’s member performance evaluation sheet....
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