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Introduction to project management-Assignment# 3 BUSI2550 1 Nidal Qwasmi Due Date: Nov 8 th , 2011 Assignment Objectives: This assignment is designed to demonstrate your understanding of Project Timed Budget. Assignment#1: Using the level 2 tasks from your Assignment # 2; Estimate the cost for the level 2 activities, document assumptions for estimate (roll up level 3 tasks if needed, but create the budget at level 2). Put list of assumptions on second tab in file. Using the attached template, develop a timed budget that shows which month the cost will be incurred based on the project schedule. Make sure that your project budget cannot exceed your budget in the charter.
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Unformatted text preview: Do not show tasks on the budget that cost $0. Deliverables: Name File Type Limitation Marks Project Timed Budget Microsoft Excel 3 pages 90 Documentation Submission: 10 marks Use the following naming convention for file name and header (if applicable) of each page in your files. File naming convention : Group “Group number”." Project Name".”deliverable name”. Example : Group01.GrateGame.projectCharter. Submit one version of the assignment per group in the Assignment Drop box in WebCT. Submitting the Group’s member performance evaluation sheet....
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