Assignment 1-Dhavalkumar Patel (100426154)

Assignment 1-Dhavalkumar Patel (100426154) - Dhavalkumar...

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Assignment 1 100426154 E-Business Technologies Question 1: Referring to the paper What s in a Name? Distinguishing between SaaS and SOA, conduct a background study of Cloud Computing and describe it from the six stakeholders ’’ perspectives of Zachman architectural model as follows: Answer: References: (1) Release.aspx Stakeholders perspectives of Zachman architectural model Cloud Computing Objective/scope Since Cloud computing is location independent, it makes multiple servers be able to share the information with each other quickly that includes metadata, software or many other resources. It also improves performance and scalability so that any network can handle the increasing needs of the work in a graceful way. (1) Business model Cloud Computing is known to be leading business model in evolution for delivering IT-based solution and provides more value for data access and storage resources and software. Information system model Servers are used in cloud computing to commute data. Technology model Build convenient access cloud computing platform. Apps are able to be used over the internet. Detailed representation Servers are designed for specific requirements in order to make clients happy using detailed requirements and specification. Functioning system
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Assignment 1-Dhavalkumar Patel (100426154) - Dhavalkumar...

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