BUSI3501U-Winter2012-Assignment-1 - BUSI 3501U E-Business...

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1 BUSI 3501U E-Business Technologies Winter 2012 - Assignment 1 Due date and time: February 7, 2012 - By Mid-night Instructions: 1. This is an individual assignment. Each student must submit his/her own work. 2. Feel free to explore more references from any sources (e.g., newspaper articles, Web sites, or books), and to create more diagrams (if they are appropriate to support your essay). You will get higher marks for this question if you provide more relevant information, diagrams and references. 3. Always provide explanation for your answer. 4. Submit your assignment in WORD or PDF to the course’s WebCT. Question 1 (30 Marks): Referring to the paper “What’s in a Name? Distinguishing between SaaS and SOA,” conduct a background study of Cloud Computing and describe it from the six stakeholders’ perspectives of Zachman architectural model as follows: Objective/scope Business model Information system model Technology model Detailed representation Functioning system
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BUSI3501U-Winter2012-Assignment-1 - BUSI 3501U E-Business...

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