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IT! - A network operates without relying on a server is the...

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A network operates without relying on a server is the _ network Peer – peer Clint/server Host-host Master/slave A person who is illegally breaking Into computers for malicious purpose is called _ Cracker Hacker Thrill-seeker Hackers? A mainframe computer that controls a large network is called the _ computer Slave Host Client Node A _ attack disables a computer system or networking by making so many requests of it that it overloads it and keeps other users from accessing it Worm Virus Decnial- of –service malware wht connects similar networks? Router gateway the quality of a song on digital audo plater is determined by its _, the number of times sampling rate form or radio that carries two signals is called _________ highdefinition radio other name of image sharpness is called: contrast ratio digital camas resolution is expressed in: megapixels 6 steps of software development cycle If company does new system from old system, type of system conversion is:
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Direct implementation Type of graphical erros and correct use of programming languages: Syntax error When large programs are broken into pieces Modules Locating and removing all errors form program: Debugging
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  • Spring '11
  • Systems Development Life Cycle, Relational model, database Network database, database Multidimensional database

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