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Final Room Assignments

Final Room Assignments - Roessler 66 B15 Terrence O'Brien...

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Section TA Room B01 Jorie Fields Roessler 66 B02 Dina Flamik Roessler 66 B03 Fan Sui Wellman 2 B04 Xiaofeng Guo Wellman 26 B05 Mo Zhang Wellman 2 B06 Weston Michl Wellman 126 B07 Leyna Huynh Wellman 106 B08 Brant Abeln Surge III 1309 B09 Zhou Lu Wellman 126 B10 Evan Sarina Wellman 6 B11 Jorie Fields Roessler 66 B12 Weston Michl Wellman 26 B13 Leyna Huynh Wellman 106 B14 Dina Flamik
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Unformatted text preview: Roessler 66 B15 Terrence O'Brien Surge III 1309 B16 Xiaofeng Guo Wellman 26 B17 Mo Zhang Wellman 2 B18 Fan Sui Wellman 2 B19 Zhou Lu Wellman 126 B20 Evan Sarina Wellman 6 B21 Robert Mertz Wellman 106 BRO Diego Rail Surge III 1309 Chemistry 2A(B) Fall 2010 Dr. Toupadakis Final Room Assignments...
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