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Unformatted text preview: The NATURAL SOAP AWARD winners for the quarter of F2009 are: Bo Leung CHEM 2A (C) Randi Schuler CHEM 2C (A) Se e at: m/soapwinner.htm You can click on their pictures and read their advice for studying. I am trying to collect this information also from my other past students which they were winners of the NATURAL SOAP AWARD. In the mean time you can read below what I have already collected. Hope you are enjoying your break and waiting to see you back. Andreas Phat Lam 1. You have to want to succeed. People can say that they want to succeed, but few actually do succeed. So it helps a lot if you know whether you want to succeed or hope to succeed. For example: How many people say they want a good grade and how many actually get that grade? The people that do not get their desired grade simply hope for it and put little effort, while the people that want a certain grade try very hard. 2. Learn about things that you like to learn. It is rather apparent that you do really well on the things that you like. If you do not like chemistry, math, etc. then that’s fine. However, just know that certain aspects of certain courses and fields might relate to the one you are interested in so at least give them a try. 3. Find your level of expectations. For you studying and/or working 2-3 hours a day might be “trying hard,” but for someone else 6-8 or even 9-10+ is trying hard. The clear difference is the level of expectations. 4. If you haven’t yet, try to realize for the 100 th time that education is a privilege. People say they know this, but once again there is a difference. Doesn’t it piss you off when people say “I know” and do not act like they know. Understanding means acting or behaving in a way that shows that you know. That’s the difference. Knowing it is not the same as understanding it. So you know? Then prove it. Prove it through hard work. 5. Suck it up. Yes some classes are boring or hard as hell but complaining only makes it more boring or difficult. Besides, complaining takes up valuable time. 6. Sometimes you become very frustrated and are more inclined to make decisions to give up. When that happens it is best to just go take a nap or exercise. Try not to make decisions when you are frustrated. We all know how well that turns out. 7. There is no secret list to success. You make your own. Following the basic things listed above will eventually lead you to make a list similar to many others, a list that suits your specific needs and interests. Listing a bunch of things telling you what to do in class will not help because people learn and succeed through different and unique methods....
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