TA first INSTRUCTOR last

TA first INSTRUCTOR last - can figure out very easily using...

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You want: Fast Answers to Your Questions While Saving Time Please read the following: All questions should be directed to your TA first. If your TA cannot give an answer to your question then ask your head TA. If you still do not have an answer ONLY THEN contact your instructor. Your instructor has almost 1000 students. If only 30 people send him a message, count a few times back and forth, that makes about a hundred messages a day. And that is if only 30 students send a message. Before you contact your TA or head TA, think again. Do not ask questions that you
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Unformatted text preview: can figure out very easily using the class website or asking a classmate. Ask only questions that you cannot have an answer to after you have done your part in finding the answer. If you decide that you must send a message, then remember to: 1. State your class, CHEM 2A or CHEM 2C as part of your subject. 2. Send a short question and make it to the point. 3. Wait enough time to receive an answer before you send another message or move to the next person. Teaching Assistant Head Teaching Assistant Instructor Ask last Ask first...
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