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Course: CHE 002A, General Chemistry Instructor: Andreas Toupadakis E-mail: atoupadakis@ucdavis.edu Lecture: MWF 0900 - 0950 SCILEC 123 Head TA: Diego Rail E-mail: mdrail@ucdavis.edu Lab Discussion Section TA E-mail Day Time Building Room Day Time Building Room B01 Jorie Fields jfields@ucdavis.edu M 0110-0400P SCILAB 2068 W 0710-0800P VEIMYR 116 B02 Dina Flamik dsflamik@ucdavis.edu M 0110-0400P SCILAB 2076 W 0610-0700P VEIMYR 116 B03 Fan Sui fsui@ucdavis.edu M 0410-0700P SCILAB 2068 R 0800-0850A WELLMN 27 B04 Xiaofeng Guo xguo@ucdavis.edu M 0410-0700P SCILAB 2076 F 1100-1150A WELLMN 211 B05 Mo Zhang mozhang@ucdavis.edu M 0710-1000P SCILAB 2059 R 0710-0800P WELLMN 211 B06 Weston Michl wsmichl@ucdavis.edu M 0710-1000P SCILAB 2068 R 0800-0850A VEIMYR 116 B07 Leyna Huynh leyhuynh@ucdavis.edu T 0900-1150A SCILAB 2059 R 0800-0850A WELLMN 129 B08 Brant Abeln baabeln@ucdavis.edu T 0900-1150A SCILAB 2068 F 0800-0850A WELLMN 125 B09 Zhou Lu lu@ucdavis.edu M 0710-1000P SCILAB 1051 F 0110-0200P OLSON 267 B10 Evan Sarina easarina@ucdavis.edu M 0710-1000P SCILAB 1059 R 0610-0700P WELLMN 211 B11 Jorie Fields jfields@ucdavis.edu T 0710-1000P
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Unformatted text preview: SCILAB 2059 M 0410-0500P WELLMN 207 B12 Weston Michl wsmichl@ucdavis.edu T 0710-1000P SCILAB 2068 M 0410-0500P WICKSN 1038 B13 Leyna Huynh leyhuynh@ucdavis.edu W 0110-0400P SCILAB 2068 M 0800-0850A ROBBINS 146 B14 Dina Flamik dsflamik@ucdavis.edu W 0110-0400P SCILAB 1051 T 0800-0850A HUNT 110 B15 Terrence O'Brien teobrien@ucdavis.edu W 0110-0400P SCILAB 1059 F 0800-0850A OLSON 267 B16 Xiaofeng Guo xguo@ucdavis.edu W 0710-1000P SCILAB 2051 T 0800-0850A WELLMN 211 B17 Mo Zhang mozhang@ucdavis.edu W 0710-1000P SCILAB 2059 M 0410-0500P WELLMN 235 B18 Fan Sui fsui@ucdavis.edu W 0710-1000P SCILAB 2068 R 0610-0700P WELLMN 125 B19 Zhou Lu lu@ucdavis.edu R 0900-1150A SCILAB 2059 R 0710-0800P WELLMN 125 B20 Evan Sarina easarina@ucdavis.edu W 0710-1000P SCILAB 2076 M 0510-6000P WELLMN 207 B21 Robert Mertz rwmertz@ucdavis.edu R 0110-0400P SCILAB 1051 W 0410-0500P WELLMN 229...
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