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Blood Components - b Leukocytes(White blood cells Immunity...

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AP Biology Blood Components - Blood = A connective tissue which contains different types of cells in the plasma. Main Functions Transport of substances Immunity Blood clotting Homeostasis 1) Plasma (55%) a) Water – 90% b) Others – 10% c) Nutrients, hormones, wastes, ions and etc. d) Plasma proteins Albumin: Osmotic balancing, pH buffering Fibrinogen: Blood clotting Immunoglobulins: Defense (Immunity) 2) Cellular Elements (45%) a) Erythrocytes (Red Blood Cells): Transport of oxygen (Hemoglobin)
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Unformatted text preview: b) Leukocytes (White blood cells): Immunity c) Platelets: Blood clotting ** Blood Clotting a) Damage to the inside of epithelium b) Platelets start to congregate to the damaged part. c) Platelets form substances which make other platelets adhere to that part. d) Prothrombin becomes thrombin; thrombin makes fibrogin to fibrin. e) This fibrin forms clotting on the surface of damaged part....
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