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AP Biology Nourishment - Key Terms for Nourishment a) Undernourishment: The condition in which is not enough CALORIES. b) Overnourishment: The condition in which is too much excessive CALORIES (Obesity) c) Malnourishment: The condition in which lacks of ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS. - Essential nutrients: The nutrients that that the body cannot synthesize; the body must have those nutrients via food. However, excessive essential nutrients are not good.
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Unformatted text preview: a) Essential amino acids b) Essential fatty acids c) Vitamins (organic molecules – coenzymes) Fat soluble: can be dissolved in the fat; easily accumulated in the body Fat insoluble: can be dissolved in the water; easily excreted through urine d) Minerals (Inorganic molecules – cofactors) ** Refer to the vitamins and minerals table if necessary...
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