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Connective Tissues - c Tendon connecting muscles to bones d...

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AP Biology Connective Tissues - Connective Tissues = Tissues that have significant roles of connecting something 1) Bones a) Consist of mainly calcium and phosphorus; very hard skeleton structure b) Made from osteoblasts c) Located at very inside of the body 2) Adipose Tissues a) Diamond shape b) Simply fat droplets c) Play huge roles in insulation (conserves energy and heat in the body.) d) Swells when energy is stored e) Shrinks when energy is released (used) 3) Fibrous Connective Tissues a) Consist of collagenous fibers b) Two different types of fibrous connective tissues: tendons and ligaments
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Unformatted text preview: c) Tendon: connecting muscles to bones d) Ligament: connecting bones to bones 4) Cartilage a) Abundance of collagenous fibers in the matrix b) Absorbs pressure in the body 5) Loose Connective Tissues a) Bind epithelia to underlying tissues b) Rich in proteins c) Most abundant tissues throughout the body 6) Blood a) Different types of cells in the plasma (50% cells/50% plasma(water)) b) Red blood cells: transport oxygen (hemoglobin pigment) c) White blood cells: immunity d) Platelets: blood clotting...
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